beachhead beach‧head [ˈbiːtʆhed] noun [countable] COMMERCE
part of a market that a company obtains, hoping to obtain more of the same market or part of another larger market that is near the first one:

• Telefonica gained a key beachhead in Brazil when it won control of CRT.

* * *

beachhead UK US /ˈbiːtʃhed/ noun [C] COMMERCE
a position in a market that a company achieves and that it hopes to make stronger in the future: »

We acquired 49% of the company, providing us a valuable beachhead in the growing Asian market.

gain/establish a beachhead »

The company are keen to establish a beachhead in California's lucrative energy market.

See also FOOTHOLD(Cf. ↑foothold), FOOTING(Cf. ↑footing)

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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